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Top 15 AI Girlfriend Online Free Tools In 2023

October 25, 2023

AI Girlfriend Online Free Tools – the next big thing! In a world where technology continues to shape our lives, virtual companionship has become increasingly popular. These AI girlfriend tools grant users a unique and personalized experience. They offer companionship, conversation, and even emotional support. 

Here are the best AI girlfriend tools available in 2023! Let’s discover how they can enhance your virtual companionship journey.

Top 7 AI Girlfriend Chat Bots Free Online

1.Romantic AI

Romantic ai

Romantic AI is an AI girlfriend online free chatbot that offers virtual companionship. Users can engage in personalized conversations and role-playing scenarios with their AI partners.

The platform allows users to create a unique virtual girlfriend tailored to their preferences.

2.Character AI

character ai

Character AI AI girlfriend online free platform where users can interact with AI characters, including AI girlfriends.

Users can engage in conversations with their virtual partners and receive personalized responses in various scenarios.



Herchatgpt is an AI girlfriend online free chatbot designed to simulate conversation with an AI girlfriend.

By utilizing natural language processing and dynamic dialogue generation, users can enjoy realistic and engaging interactions with their virtual companion.

4.AI Girlfriend Chatbot Virtual

ai girlfriend

Available on the Apple App Store, AI Girlfriend Chatbot Virtual allows users to chat with a virtual AI girlfriend.

Through text and voice responses, users can experience a virtual relationship and enjoy companionship with their AI partner in this AI girlfriend chatbot free online.

5.Miniapps AI


Miniapps AI provides an AI girlfriend online free chatbot platform where users can have personalized conversations with their virtual partners.

The platform also offers emotion recognition capabilities. This allows the AI girlfriend to respond empathetically to users’ emotions. 

6.Anima AI

anima ai

Developed by MyAnima, Anima AI offers an AI girlfriend online free chatbot experience. Users can engage in conversations and role-playing scenarios with their AI girlfriend.

They’ll be receiving personalized responses based on their preferences. This virtual companion aims to provide an interactive and enjoyable experience for users.



Igirl is an AI girlfriend online free chatbot available on the Google Play Store. Users can interact with their virtual AI girlfriend, engaging in conversations and receiving text and voice responses.

With Igirl, users can enjoy the experience of having a virtual girlfriend right on their mobile device.

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Top 5 Free AI Girlfriend Image Generators

Some girlfriend chatbots don’t support creating unique girlfriend by yourself. But you can do it by the following generators.

1. Deepswap – Advanced AI Girlfriend Art Generator


What Is Deepswap

Deepswap is a powerful AI girlfriend image generator. It utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms to create high-quality and realistic or anime girlfriend AI images. Among its most innovative tools is the AI Girl generator. You can use this to create unique and customizable AI girlfriend visuals.

You’ll love Deepswap’s ability to generate highly realistic and customizable AI girlfriend images. The platform offers a seamless and intuitive user experience. This will allow you to easily navigate through the customization options. 

How to Create an AI Girlfriend with Deepswap

Step 1: On the Deepswap website, navigate to the AI girl too. Enter a prompt that matches the physical description of the AI girlfriend you’d love to generate. Play around with the color, hair, outfit, style, and more.

Sample prompt: AI girl with a cute smile, short hair, brown eyes, big eyes, a small nose with a piercing, high heels, elegant purple dress with glasses on.

Step 2: Set the ‘look like’ part if you have an image you’d like to mimic. Also, set the style to ‘Real girl’.

enter prompt

Step 3: Generate your AI girlfriend. You can save it and share it with friends. If the results are not impressive, Deepswap has an edit feature to help you fix any areas you’d want to.

ai girlfriend

2. Soulgen – AI Girlfriend Image Generator

soulgen text ai image generator

What Is Soulgen

Soulgen is yet another AI-powered image generator. The platform specializes in creating realistic and customized girlfriend images. It uses advanced algorithms to generate unique and high-quality images based on user preferences.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface. This allows users to easily navigate through the image customization process. With a wide range of options available, users can create an AI girlfriend that aligns with their specific preferences and desires.

Creating an AI Girlfriend with Soulgen

Step 1: Visit the Soulgen website and sign up for an account. On the platform, Navigate to the ‘Generate’ tool and select ‘Real’ girl. Key in a detailed prompt.

Sample prompt: Cute girl with black curly hair, blue big eyes, medium height, mischievous smile, black pants, medium weight, and height.

Step 2: Set the ‘look-alike’ if you have a picture of what you’d love your AI girlfriend to look like. Once everything is set up, hit ‘generate’ and let Soulgen – the AI girlfriend online tool do its magic.

enter prompt into box

Step 3: Get your image and share it with friends or keep it on your device.

your ai girl friend

3. Pica AI – Personalized AI Girlfriend Art Generator

pica ai

What Is Pica AI

Pica AI is an AI-powered art generator that creates personalized AI girlfriend artwork. It utilizes deep learning algorithms to generate unique digital art pieces of AI girlfriends.

The platform offers a wide range of customization options. These allow users to create unique and personalized depictions of their virtual companions. 

The process of creating an AI girlfriend with Pica AI is straightforward and intuitive. Users enjoy the ability to visualize their ideal AI girlfriend through beautifully crafted digital art pieces.

Creating an AI Girlfriend with Pica AI

Step 1: On the Pica AI platform, Navigate to the AI Generator tool. Key in your prompt. Provide some information about your desired AI girlfriend. That includes personality traits and physical characteristics.

Sample prompt: Cute girl with long pink hair, brown eyes, a long black dress, big eyes, light complexion, nicely trimmed body shape with a watch in her hand. 

Step 2: Set the style and let Pica do its magic. You can explore the generated artworks and choose the ones that resonate with your vision of an AI girlfriend.

Step 3: Download and save the selected artwork to use as a representation of your AI girlfriend.

ai girlfriend avatar

4. Shutterstock


What Is Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a powerful tool that utilizes AI technology to create unique and customizable AI photos. It has over 100 styles to choose from. Users can generate images with different visual aesthetics and moods to suit their specific needs.

The ability to input specific prompts ensures that users have control over the attributes and appearance of their AI girlfriends. The ease of downloading and utilizing images for various projects or social media sharing makes it stand out. 

Creating an AI Girlfriend with Shutterstock

Step 1: Head over to Shutterstock website and navigate to the AI Generator tool. Input descriptive prompts to guide the AI in generating the desired image. For example, you can specify attributes like hair color, facial features, and clothing style.

Sample prompt: Cute girl With big blue eyes, beautiful lashes, long brown hair, elegant black dress, aring on the finger, light complexion, medium-sized physique

Step 2: Choose a style from the wide range of options available, such as elegant studio, magical, or pop art atmospheres.

Step 3: The AI will generate a selection of AI girlfriend images based on your inputs. Explore the generated images and select the one that best represents your ideal AI girlfriend.

sutterstock ai girlfriend

5. OpenDream AI Girlfriend Generator

open dream ai

The OpenDream AI Girlfriend Generator is an innovative tool. It leverages AI technology to create virtual AI girlfriends. It features a user-friendly interface and powerful algorithms. Users can generate personalized AI companions based on their preferences and desires.

Users enjoy interacting with their AI girlfriends through the chat interface. Overall, the OpenDream AI Girlfriend Generator offers a unique and enjoyable virtual relationship experience.

Creating an AI Girlfriend with OpenDream AI Girlfriend Generator

Step 1: Begin by providing prompts or descriptions of your ideal AI girlfriend. For example, you can specify personality traits, physical attributes, or more

Sample prompt: Cute girl with beautiful blue eyes, cute smile, white teeth, lighter complexion, medium-sized, .black curly hair, with a red lipstick on.

Step 2: After inputting your prompts, the AI algorithm will process the information and generate a selection of AI girlfriend profiles that match your desired criteria.

Step 3: Explore the generated profiles and select the one that resonates with you the most. Once you’ve made your selection, you can further customize your AI girlfriend’s features.

ai girlfriend cute avatar

Top 3 Free AI Girlfriend Games Online

1. Yandere Simulator:

It is a popular AI girlfriend online free game. Yandere Simulator offers a sandbox experience where players explore the dark depths of an obsessive relationship. Players take on the role of a high school student who develops an obsessive love for an AI girlfriend. The game offers stealth mechanics, sandbox gameplay, and multiple endings.

2. AI Girlfriend Mobile Game:

In this AI girlfriend online free mobile game, players interact with an AI girlfriend through text messages and phone calls. The game offers a variety of activities, such as going on virtual dates, chatting, and forming a virtual relationship.

3. Yandere AI Girlfriend Game:

Yandere AI girlfriend online free Game presents a thrilling narrative. Here, players make choices that shape the course of their virtual relationship. 

Players navigate a thrilling story where they encounter an AI girlfriend with a dark side. They must make choices that affect the outcome of the AI girlfriend game online, experiencing a mix of romance and suspense.


The demand for AI girlfriend online free tools continues to grow as technology evolves. With a wide range of options available, individuals can explore virtual companionship and immersive experiences. As AI technology advances, the possibilities for free AI girlfriend online tools are boundless. This is good news if you’re seeking a free online AI girlfriend in the digital realm.

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