Top Face Swap Generators You Should Try

January 26, 2023

Face swap generator is a program to swap faces in video, photo or other media files and produce realistic synthetic media.

There are many face swap programs, online websites or mobile apps, designed to make faceswaps for fun or for business usage. Today, this post will bring you the best 10 face swap generators.


Before the list of face swap generator, let’s have a fast look at face swap tech.

Face Swap Technology

The idea of “face swap” technology comes from “deep learning”, artificial intelligence, and Generative Adversarial Network. After some machine training, auto-encoders or generative adversarial networks can help to produce videos or photos that are genuinely fake.

That’s why face swap app with AI algorithms can uses huge amounts of information to teach themselves to solve facial recognition problems.

With the face technology, you can visit face swap online generators and mobile programs to make amusing photographs, films and meme GIFs. Some may also take the tools as a face swap NSFW generator.

Best 10 Popular Face Swap Generators

Ignore the purpose of using a face swap generator, we do have a lot of genuine tools to make a faceswap. Now here’s a review of the most popular face swap apps:


As a self-developed face swap program, Deepswap AI comes with both online website and mobile APK.

The face swap online generator leverages deep learning technology and trains AI models to produce realistic faceswaps. By applying potent AI algorithms, Deepswap increased the quality of refaced works, hard to distinguish from genuine.

Thus, you can easily get seamless, convincing, and realistic face swap works. Videos and images, including GIFs, can all be altered. Besides, this app supports 10 min HD video uploading and generates face swap videos in seconds, faster than other similar AI faceswap sites.

Moreover, DeepSwap does not add any watermark to its works, which is wonderful. It is useful because there are a lot of face swap software typically watermarks videos or pictures.



  • Fast and efficient faceswap generation
  • Available for faceswap on videos, photos and GIFs
  • Free swaps on media files
  • Upload a video up to 10 minutes in length
  • Supports multiple face changes, swapping up to six faces at once
  • Photo uploading without limits
  • No watermark and no spam


  • Two free trials only

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Face Swapper

This online face swap generator utilizes AI technology to recognize faces in photographs and replace them with whatever you like. This might be a photograph of another person, a celebrity, or anything else.

Face Swapper ensures the protection of each user, ensuring that your images remain secure and confidential. There is an image history on this website, and you may clear it at any moment. If you clear it, all your photographs stored on the website will be removed, leaving no trace.



  • Easy-to-use app
  • Convenient.
  • Ensures safety.


  • The user interface isn’t very appealing.
  • Bad user experience value.


As the name says, this platform will modify your face thanks to its simple technique. With only a few clicks, you can effortlessly transform your face into that of anybody else.



  • There’s also the community element, which is enjoyable to participate in.
  • The procedure is simple enough.


  • The design is unclean.
  • The website interface is outdated.


FaceHub, in addition to picture shifting, includes the ability to change your face. As you can see, you can choose a picture or video face swap. You may choose any of them. However, the feature is not free, with prices beginning at $5.99. Their system is based on credits. If you wish to change your face, you must spend with Credits.



  • Has beneficial attributes.
  • App with clear UI and easy to use.
  • The fantastic AI technology.


  • The features are restricted to the bundles.
  • Users must have Credits to utilize the functionalities.


Face Swap by PhotoFunia is the next face swap generator on the list. When you enter the website page, you will be faced with a vast list of settings or choices from which to choose. There are special themes such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter.

The website is straightforward, with a direct upload option. It has many choices particularly for beginning users. However, as seen in the image, the commercials might sometimes be unpleasant.



  • The application is simple to use.
  • There are several alternatives to choose from.


  • The design is not very user-friendly.
  • Ads may be annoying at times.


Lunapic is unique in that there is no button on the landing page. Instead, it greets customers with instructions on how to utilize this platform for face change.

To do so, carefully read the procedures. When it comes to features, Lunatic offers a broad list, including the ability to apply filters, effects, animations, and so on.



  • Each user will be provided specific instructions on how to complete the task.
  • Has an extensive number of functions.


  • The design is not user-friendly.
  • It might be intimidating for new users.

Face Swap Live Lite

You may also try Face Swap Live if you want an app to alter your face in real time. It will simplify the procedure since all you have to do is press the record button to begin filming a video.

Face Swap Live Lite will contain the fundamental face swap capability but will have restricted features and usefulness. You may utilize it if you merely want to modify your face in a picture.



  • Using without learning.
  • Intuitive design.
  • Has beneficial attributes.


  • The majority of features are only available in the paid edition.
  • Some users experienced recurring issues.
  • It isn’t accurate.

Face Swap Booth Photo Changer

You may utilize the Face Swap Booth app if you wish to store the face photos you’ve previously produced.

As you would anticipate, the AI photo generator allows you to swap your face manually or automatically based on the system’s detecting capacity.



  • The design is pretty appealing.
  • It has a lot of features.
  • Beginners will find it good design and ease of use.


  • Useful features are only available in the Premium edition.
  • The Free edition contains some advertisements.

Face Swap by Wombatica Software

Face Swap by Wombatica Software is the next face swap generator on the list. The program also performs well when it comes to face-swapping photos. Choose from the numerous presets to transform your face into anything. Several templates are currently available, and you may be creative with them.



  • Well design and ease of use.
  • The design is simple enough.


  • Fewer pre-programmed options.
  • Smaller images cannot be edited.
  • Some users reported getting stuck at the loading screen.


The effects of Reface’s face swap generator are driven by a machine learning framework called GANs, which create a new animated face using the dual input method—the target video and the selfie.

Reface focuses on making deep face technology accessible and simple, providing push-button smartphone software without needing more sophisticated hardware and almost immediate change from a single selfie.



  • Intuitive design
  • Has lots of useful features
  • Easy to Use


  • Intrusive ads

How to Make a Face Swap

Difference face apps features difference facial image generation process. So, here we take Deepswap face swap online generator as an example to show you how such app creates a face morph.

The Deepswap app’s user interface is designed to be easy and intuitive. And you can make a faceswap in merely 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Upload a Video/ Photo/ GIF


You can alter the faces in videos, pictures, and GIFs by submitting the files to the online face swap generator. Just click Upload File button and submit a media file you want to swap face on. Also, you can upload a long video in HD quality up to 10 min.

Step 2. Choose a New Face


Select a new face you want the generator to use. Click Add Face and upload an image with the target face you like. Or you can choose a face from the history below. Deepswap will recognize it.

Step 3. Generate a Faceswap File


Click Face Swap button and Deepswap will start applying AI algorithms and generate your faceswap file. After that, download the refaced video, image, or animated GIF by clicking Save button.

Just give it a go. And you can have a quick access to Deepswap face swap generator via the button below.



Face swap technology has gained popularity and has made us laugh at amusing things. And face swap generator provides a great chance to make a difference in our lives and make us laugh.

If you are looking for powerful faceswap apps to make great magic work, just select one from the list and have a try. Honestly, Deepswap is highly recommended, and hope this face swap app review is useful.

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