Deepswap AI Review: All-in-One Online AI Face Swap App

January 23, 2023

In recent years, AI face swap has grown from a niche technology into a mainstream one, with multiple deep swap apps across practically all business sectors. In this article you will find a detailed Deepswap AI review.

About AI Face Swap

Face swap received much attention because the synthetic media surprises people with deep AI software. Such program substitutes a person who presents in an image or video with another person.

Experts in artificial intelligence developed the first face swap, which required significant time and effort to produce. Since then, many faces swap apps have come into existence.

And the deepwares make it possible for nearly anybody to generate deep swaps with only a few clicks of the mouse. Hence, deep swap app becomes one of the most effective of these tools.

Deepswap AI is an online face swap app with powerful AI tech. If you want to make a believable faceswap with the least amount of work possible, you may consider using Deepswap app.


In the content below, you will have a Deepswap ai review on its faceswap feature in video, photo, GIF and more aspects.

Face Swap Generator – Deepswap AI Review

As an incredible all-in-one AI reface app and picture creator, Deepswap program can be used for faceswaps. You can swap people’s faces in any photograph in seconds.

The AI face swap app is an all-in-one AI video generator, picture editor, and GIF creator with the ability to swap faces quickly.


Millions of users use this tool to create funny face swaps, including movie role makeovers, face memes, gender swaps, and more. You don’t need to set up anything on your device for Deepswap. Moreover, there’s no advertisements or watermarks on the refaced files.

Joke around with your mates right now. Deepswap app is easy to use and secure with face to users’ data.

Next, let’s learn more about how this all-in-one AI deep swap app makes online face swap videos, photographs, and GIFs in the following Deepswap review.

Deepswap AI for Video


As a face swap video maker and character-changing solution, Deepswap app have an infinite number of possibilities. It allows to upload an original video up to 10 min and quickly generates your seamless faceswap result.

You can create any face swap video of great quality using the faces of those renowned movie characters, and you will obtain astonishingly lifelike results. Imagine that you swap Captain America’s face with yours and fast experience the hero life in the movie.

The deep swap app can also make meme videos. With the most cutting-edge technologies, the AI video generator fast pastes your face onto the trending meme using artificial intelligence and increases your social engagement.

Deepswap for Photo/ Picture/ Image


The face swap online app is the best choice if you are looking for a way to quickly and easily modify a picture with a convincing faceswap. It supports many mainstream image formats, such as .png, .jpeg, .jpg and so on.

As a fast AI photo generator, DeepSwap AI is available for creating fresh official ID photos, wedding photos, trip photos, and other photos. All you need to do is just swapping model’s faces with yours. Then, AI will generate seamless quality photo or image that people would hardly realize it has been refaced.

Moreover, the AI image editor can also face swap on pictures like movie poster, meme image, old photos, etc.

Deepswap for GIF/ Meme


Your social media and content marketing initiatives can benefit from GIFs and memes. But if you post a funny face swap GIFs, you may get your social media a hit, because making a humorous face meme GIF is no longer challenging on Deepswap AI.

Moreover, you may generate memes that are currently popular and drive a significant amount of attention to your various social networks by using the AI GIF maker.

After checking this Deepswap AI review you will get to know the importance of this deep swap software. So, why not give it a go right now and bask in the glory of being the center of attention?

Competitive Fetures

Due to powerful faceswap algorithms and AI models, Deepswap AI software outperforms other similar face swap apps, like deepfakes web, reface, faceplay, deepfacelab, etc.

Leading features of Deepswap app:

  • Self-developed AI program
  • All-in-one AI program to conduct faceswap on video, GIF and photo
  • Fastest processing speed, generating faceswap within seconds
  • High output quality, available for long HD videos and photos
  • Both online tool and Deepswap APK available, meeting your different program need
  • No user data storage, history burning after 7 days

Here’s a fast guide of how to make a deepfake on Deepswap AI:

How to Make a Faceswap on Deepswap App

The user interface of the Deepswap app is designed to be intuitive and simple to navigate. Now, learn how to build a face morph within 1 minute.

There are only 3 easy steps to take for creating a face swap a video, photo or GIF.

Step 1. Upload a Video/ Photo/ GIF

You can change faces on videos, photos, and GIFs by uploading them to the website. Just click Upload File button and select the media file you want to paste your face on. Also, if you have a long video within 10 mins, then click the special Upload Long Video.

Step 2. Choose a Target Face for the File

Pick a target face by clicking Add Face. You can upload an image with special faces of movie stars or someone else. Then, choose a recognized target face from the list below. The selected new face will appear beside the source face above.

Step 3. One-Click to Make an AI Faceswap

Click Face swap button to start AI analyzing and generate face swap result. Then, download the refaced video, picture, or GIF by clicking Save button. You can also start a new faceswap when waiting for the result. Just leave Deepswap app conducting the rest.

The best faceswap tool accessible right now, with a simple user interface that enables anybody to explore the software on their own. So, just have a try and directly make a face swap video, photo or GIF via the button below:


The deepware AI offers subscription for those who are fans of faceswap generation or deep AI technology. So, if you are in a high-frequent need of making deepfake, then you may be interested in the premium information of the deep swap app:

Is DeepSwap AI free?

Yes. provides non-premium users with free swaps on photo, video and GIF. But as an online AI-powered software, Deepswap also provides premium customers with extra benefits.

  • New premium user with 50% off for the 1st month
  • Extra 20 credits every month
  • Totally free faceswaps on media files
  • Long video uploading up to 10 min
  • Photo or image uploading without limit
  • High priority in processing queue
  • No watermark on face swap results

The deep AI program comes with two different price plans for Deepswap Premium. And you can pay via PayPal, credit card or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

  • 1 month Premium: $9.99/month.
  • 12 months Premium: $69.99/year for the first year, then 99.99/year.

Furthermore, Deepswap app is also available for credit purchase for premium users. You can get more credits once using up the extra freebie.

Wrap up

Deepswap is an excellent option for anybody interested in producing believable face swaps with a minimum amount of work. With competitive AI algorithms, the all-in-one faceswap capability, and great premium benefit, you can experience high-quality faceswap generation on the program.

That’s it. This is all about Deepswap AI review. Hope this review is useful.

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